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'Flight of the Bumblebee'

End of Year Dances

Upcoming Performances

Opus Ithaca school of Music 

402 N. Aurora/ Corner of Court and Aurora 

Cello Program- Dr. Sera Smolen 


Cello Program 2023-4 

402 North Aurora St. Ithaca NY 
Dr. Sera Smolen www.serasmolen.com/serasmolen@gmail.com/607-216-7514 

It’s going to be another beautiful year! 
We have 32 weeks of private lessons, and 17 group classes. We start with our 100 days Practice Marathon ! 

Community Service Concert at Cayuga Ridge in December Annual Composer’s Project, Composers master class, Winter Workshop with Jam Session and special guests. 
We will end the year with Dances from Around the World. 
Solo recitals with professional pianist December, April and May. We have informaDon and support for pracDce partners whenever you need that. 

September 1: 100 days practice marathon begins! 
Play at least a little bit every day you eat! Keep track of your days! 

Sept 11-17 - Private Lessons 
Monday Sept 11: Book 1-2 group class 

September 18-24 - Private Lessons 

September 25-October 1: - Private Lessons 
Monday September 25: Book 1-2 group class Sunday October 1: Tour Group and Book 2-4 Class 

October 2-8- Private Lessons 
Monday October 2: Book 1-2 class 

October 9-15- Private Lessons 
Sunday October 15: Tour Group and Book 2-4 Class 

October 16-22- PracDce Week! Make a video of improvisaDon. October 20th is day #50 in the pracDce marathon 

October 23-29- Private Lessons 
Monday October 23: Book 1-2 group class 
Sunday October 29: Tour Group and Book 3-4 Class 

October 30-November 5- Private Lessons 
Monday October 30: Book 1-2 class 
Sunday November 5: Tour Group and Book 3-4 Class 

November 6-12- Private Lessons 
Monday November 6: Book 2-3 group class 
Sunday November 12: Book 2-8 combined group class 

November 13-19 – Private Lessons 
Monday November 13: Book 1-2 class 

November 17-26 Thanksgiving Recess 

November 27-December 3- Private Lessons Sunday December 3: All cellos 

Community Service Cayuga Ridge arrive at 1:30 

December 4-10 
Sunday December 10: 

Tour Group, Book 3-4 Class: Rehearsals with professional pianist Monday December 11: Combined Group Class 

December 11-17- Private Lessons 

Monday December 11: combined group class 

December 15: End of Semester recital- arrive at 6pm 

December 18-19- Private Lessons 
Monday December 18: Book 2-3 Class 

December 20- January 2- Semester Break/ Holiday Break 

January PracDce Marathon ends/ComposiDon project Phase 1 begins 

January 3- Private Lessons 

January 5: Jam Session Day 3-5pm. Come to a musical party with Alice Kanack and her students from Rochester who all improvise too. 

January 8-14- Private Lessons 
Monday January 8: Book 2-3 group class 

January 13- Cayuga Chamber Youth Orchestra performs at Ithaca College- A great, free concert to aVend 

January 15-21- Private Lessons 
Monday January 15: Book 1-2 class 
Sunday January 21: Tour Group and Book 3-4 Group Class 

ComposiDon Project Phase 2 Begins: Memorize your song 

January 22-28- Private Lessons 
Monday January 22: Book 2-3 group class 

January 29-February 4- Private Lessons Monday January 29: Book 1-2 class 

February 4- Tour Group, Book 3-4 class 

February 5-11- Private Lessons 
Monday February 5: Book 2-3 group class 
Sunday February 11: Composers Master Classes with Alice Kanack 

February 12-18- Private Lessons 
Monday February 12: Book 1-2 class 

February 19-25- Winter Break 
ComposiDon Project Phase 3 Begins: Write your Rough Drae 

February 26-March 3- Private Lessons 
Monday February 26: Book 2-3 group class 

Sunday March 3, Monday March 4 
Winter Workshop Master Classes with Lisa Liske 

March 4-10-Take this week for ComposiDon Project Phase 4: Write your final drae 

March 11-17- Private Lessons 
Monday March 11: Book 2-3 group class 
Sunday March 17: 
Tour Group, Book 3-4 Rehearse with professional Pianist 

March 18-24- Private Lessons 
Monday March 18: Book 1-2 class 

March 22- Composers Concert! 

March 25-31- Private Lessons 
Monday March 25: Book 2-3 group class 

April 1-7- Spring Break 

April 8-14- Private Lessons 
Monday April 8: Book 1-2 class 
Sunday April 14: Tour Group, Book 3-4 Class 

April 15-21- Private Lessons 
Monday April 15: Book 2-3 group class 

April 22-28- Private Lessons 
Monday April 22: Book 1-2 class 
Sunday April 28: Tour Group, Book 3-4 Class 

April 29-May 5- Private Lessons 
Monday April 29: Book 2-3 group class 
Sunday May 5: 
Tour Group, Book 3-4 Rehearse with professional pianist 

May 6-12- Private Lessons 
Monday May 6: Book 1-2 class 

May 10- NYSSMA recital/end of semester recital 

May 13-19- Private Lessons 
Monday May 13: Book 2-3 group class Sunday May 19: Tour Group, Book 3-4 Class 

May 20-26- Private Lessons 
Monday May 20: Book 1-2 class 

May 27-June 2- Private Lessons 

June 8: Cayuga Chamber Youth Orchestra concert at Ithaca College. A great, free concert to bring your young musician to. 

June 3-9- Private Lessons 
Monday June 3: Combined Books 1-3 Group class 

June 10- Dances from Around the World 

August 2024- TBA- InternaDonal ImprovisaDon Conference, 
OVawa Ontario Canada 
We will plan for fun excursions, stay with host families, and improvise with players and teachers from around the world. 

On a lesson day, if you or your musician are ill, if the roads are terrible, or your car is not working, you are always welcome to take a lesson on Zoom. You can find the link on the google calendar each week of the year. 

If you have a conflict on a lesson day, try first to trade lessons with another family. 
As a last resort, someDmes it could be possible for a make-up lesson on a group class Sunday.



Thank you for your interest in learning the cello-- 

the gorgeous, many-faceted instrument that can say anything!

Use the Website! 
it has our teaching calendar, audio files, articles and more... 

I am happy to think carefully with you any time 

about the musician in your family 
as we cultivate greater artistry, 
and powers of independence each year. just make a phone appointment with me. 


Occasionally there is an unexpected need to reschedule a lesson. Sometimes I can, 
sometimes I can’t reschedule your lesson 
according to Opus policies, 

but I do whatever I can. 
Trading lesson times with another family can work well.