'Once Upon My Cheek'

'Flight of the Bumblebee'

End of Year Dances

Upcoming Performances

Cello Studio of Dr. Sera Smolen

Opus Ithaca School of Music

420 N. Aurora St.

Sera Phone: 607-216-7514

serasmolen@gmail.com/ www.serasmolen.com


This year we have 30 private lessons and 20 group classes, 

starting with our 100’s Scavenger Hunt Practice Marathon. 

We will have “The Baroque Harpsichord Project”; our annual Concert at Loaves and Fishes as Community Service,  and  our Winter Workshop. 

The theme for this years composers project is: “This Beautiful Earth”.

Guest teachers will be Sally Gross from Chicago, Lizzie Lyon, Historical Musicologist, and Sally Lamb McCune, Composer.   

We will end with our annual “Dances from Around the World”




Please take care dropping off players and instruments.  


We think  Aurora street or Tioga Street are safer than Court street for dropping off. 


It is ideal to arrive at Opus Ithaca early.  


Please feel free to come in the door of the studio whenever you’re here. You can make a cup of tea, have a bisquit and get comfortable



Tuition includes conversations with Dr. Sera as needed.  

Readings, recordings, and articles on the web site. 

Complimentary notifications for lessons and classes on google calendar.  Come to come and observe lessons and/or classes any time.

I do everything I can to make up missed lessons, 

but am not required to do so.


Sept 1: Day 1 of Practice Marathon 2019 Begins!

Sept 9-12 Lessons and Classes

Sept. 16-19 Lessons and Classes

Sept. 30-Oct 3: Lessons and Classes

Oct. 7-10 Lessons and Classes

Oct. 14- 17: Practice Week: Film yourself

Oct 21-24: Lessons and Classes

Oct. 28-31: Lessons only

Nov. 4-7 Lessons and Classes

November 10: Perform at Church Service

Nov 11-14: Lessons and Classes

Nov. 18-21 Lessons only

Nov 24-30 Thanksgiving Vacation

December 2-5 Lessons and Classes

December 6-8 Performance Power Workshop with Sally Gross

December 10:  Concert at Loaves and Fishes 

December 9-12 Lessons only

December 16-19 Lessons Only

December 20-January 5: Holiday and New Year’s Vacation

Practice Marathon Ends


“This Beautiful Earth” Composers Project 2020 Begins 

Baroque Harpsichord Project Begins

January 6-9 Lessons and Classes with Lizzy Lyons

January 13-16 Lessons and Classes

January 20-23: Lessons and Classes

Composer’s Project phase 2 begins:

January 27-30: Lessons and Classes with Lizzy Lyons

January 31: Harpsichord Project Concert

Feb. 3-6: Lessons only

Feb 10-11: Lessons only

Composers Project Phase 3 begins: Write your rough draft

February 12- March 1: Dr. Sera on concert Tour in Europe

February 15-22: Winter Break 


March 3-6: Lessons Only

March 9-12: Lessons and Classes

March 16-19: Lessons and Classes

Composers’ Project: Phase 4 Begins

March 23-26: Lessons only 

March 30-April 2: Lessons and Classes

April 6-9 Lessons and Classes

April 11-19: Spring Break


April 20-23: Lessons and Classes

Thursday April 23: “This Beautiful Earth” Composers Concert

May 4-7: Lessons and Classes

May 11-14: Lessons and Classes

May 18-21 Lessons and Classes

May 25-28: Lessons only


June 8th: Dances from Around the World

June 8-11 Lessons only

June 12: Spring Solo Recital