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Opus Ithaca school of Music 

402 N. Aurora/ Corner of Court and Aurora 

Cello Program- Dr. Sera Smolen 

www.serasmolen.com /serasmolen@gmail.com 



This year we will have: 100 Days Practice Marathon 

34 weeks private lessons, 
19 group class weeks, 3 Solo Recitals. 

Harpsichord Project, Composers Project, Winter Workshop Weekend. 

“Dances from Around the World” at the end! 
******* ]

100 Days Practice marathon begins September 1, ends January 1 

September 12-18- Private Lessons / Sunday Group Class

September 19-25- Private lessons only 

September 26-October 2 – Private Lessons/ Sunday Group class

October 3-9- Private Lessons/ Sunday Group Class 

October 10-16- Private Lessons only 

October 17-23- Private Lessons /Sunday Group Class 

October 24-30 Private Lessons only 

October 31-November 6- Private Lessons/Sunday Group Class

November 7-13- Private Lessons /Sunday Group Class

November 14-20 Private Lessons only 

November 20: Tour Group Quartet Congregational Church

November 20-27: Thanksgiving Holiday Break 

November 28-December 4- Private Lessons/Sunday group class

December 5-11-Private lesson/ Sunday Group Class 

December 11: Rehearse for Solo Recital with Laura Amoriello

December 12-18 Private Lessons only 

December 16 Solo Recital 7pm (Friday) 

December 19: Extra lesson/Make up Day (Monday) 

December 20-January 1: Semester and Holiday Break

End 100 Days Practice! /Composers Project Phase 1 Begins!

January 2-8 Private Lessons/ Sunday Group Class 

January 8: Rehearse Harpsichord Project with William Cowdery

January 13 Harpsichord Project Concert (Friday) 

January 9-15- Private Lessons only 

January 16-22- Private Lessons /Sunday Group Class

January 23-29- Private Lessons / Sunday Group Class

Composers Project Phase 2 begins 

January 30-February 5- Private Lessons only

February 6-12- Private Lessons / Sunday Group Class

February 13-19 Lessons Only 

February 19-16 Winter Break: Writing your Rough Draft

February 27-March 5: Private Lessons / Sunday Group Class

March 5: Composers Master Class with Alice Kanack 

March 6-12: Private Lessons only 

March 13-19 Private Lesson only 

Winter Workshop Weekend: 

         March 25: Tour Group Jam Session Kanack School Kanack School 2077 S Clinton Ave. Rochester 

            (Everyone is welcome....and it’s optional)! 
            March 26: Making Music Move Master Class with Lisa Liske at Opus

Composition final draft is complete to show to Lisa Liske

March 27- April 2: Private Lessons / Sunday Group Class 

April 2: Rehearse for Composers Concert with Laura Amoriello

April 6: Composers Concert 7pm (Thursday) 

April 9-16: Spring Break 

April 17-23- Private Lessons only/Sunday Group Class 

April 24-30- Private Lessons only 

May 1-7- Private Lessons/ Sunday Group Class 

May 8-14- Private Lessons only 

May 15-21 Private Lessons/Sunday Group Class 

May 21: Rehearse with Laura Amoriello for Solo Recital

May 22-28 Private Lessons only 

May 26: Solo Recital 

May 29-June 4: Private Lessons/Group Class 

June 5-11 Private Lessons only 

June 12: Dances from Around the World (Monday)

June 12-17: Private Lessons only 


Thank you for your interest in learning the cello-- 

the gorgeous, many-faceted instrument that can say anything!

Use the Website! 
it has our teaching calendar, audio files, articles and more... 

I am happy to think carefully with you any time 

about the musician in your family 
as we cultivate greater artistry, 
and powers of independence each year. just make a phone appointment with me. 


Occasionally there is an unexpected need to reschedule a lesson. Sometimes I can, 
sometimes I can’t reschedule your lesson 
according to Opus policies, 

but I do whatever I can. 
Trading lesson times with another family can work well.