'Once Upon My Cheek'

'Flight of the Bumblebee'

End of Year Dances

Upcoming Performances

Cello Studio of Sera Smolen 

Opus Ithaca School of Music 

Email: serasmolen@gmail.com   Website: www.serasmolen.com 

Phone: 607-277-0761/607-216-7514 

September 14-18: Lessons and Classes 

Practice Marathon Begins:  Exploring the Power of Routines 

September 21-24: Lessons and Classes 

September 28-October 1: Lessons and Classes 

October 5-8: Lessons and Classes 

October 12-15: Lessons only 

October 19-22: Lessons and Classes 

October 26-29: Lessons only 

November 2-5: Lessons and Classes 

November 9-12: Lessons only 

November 16-19 lessons only 

Special Master Classes with Diana Nuttall, Edmonton Alberta November 13 and 20 

Thanksgiving Holiday 

November 30-December 3: Lessons and Classes 

December 7-10: Lessons only 

Solo Recital December 4 6:30 pm 

Semester Break/Holiday Break/New Years 

I will be happy to see you TBA while I help my mother move 

January 11-15: Lessons and Classes 

Phase 1 Composition Project Begins 

January 18-21: Lessons and Classes 

Special Guest Lisa Liske: “How to Fly Your Cello” 

January 25-28: Lessons and Classes 

February 1-4 Lessons only 

Phase 2 Composition Project Begins 

February 8-11: Lessons and Classes 

February 15-18: Winter Break 

February 22-25: Lessons and Classes 

Phase 3 Composition Project Begins 

March 1-4: Lessons Only 

March 8-11: Lessons and Classes 

Special Guest: Composers Master Classes with Margaret Maria 

March 15-18: Lessons and Classes 

Phase 4 Composition Project Begins 

March 22-25: Lessons only 

March 29-April 1: Lessons and Classes 

April 2: Composers Concert and Exhibition of original Manuscripts! 6:30pm 

April 5-10: Spring Break 

April 12-15: Lessons and Classes 

April 19-22: Lessons and Classes 

April 26-29: Lessons and Classes 

Special Guest: Akua Dixon and the Hip Hop Project 

May 3-6: Lessons only 

May 10-13: Lessons and classes 

May 17-20: Lessons only 

May 24-27: Lessons and Classes 

May 31st: Memorial Day 

June 1-June 7th: Lessons and Classes 

June 11: End of the year solo Recital 6:30pm 


(hopefully…maybe…) Dances from Around the World 

30 weeks private lessons 

20 weeks group classes 

Annual practice marathon with recording projects, 

Special master classes with Diana Nuttall in November. 

 Recitals, Composition Project and Composers master classes. 

Hip Hop Project with Akua Dixon, “How to Fly your Cello” with Lisa Liske  

….and, hopefully, a DANCE at the end of the year! 

We are hoping for the BEST! 

There are more than 30 weeks indicated on this schedule, 

which allows for a week of Sera being sick. 

If your cellist is sick, please feel free to just meet with me yourself. 

If you have a conflict with your lesson time, you can trade lesson times with someone. 

Questions are welcome any time. Email me or make a phone time 

Thank you for loving music!