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Listening Ideas


In general, listening is your best way to “work smarter” rather than working harder.


The more you listen, the faster and easier you will learn your music—and with greater confidence, beautiful tone, and greater expressiveness.


Aim to listen two books ahead of the book you are studying, so make sure you own them.




Listen to your repertoire quietly, in the background when you are at home


Listen to a “loop” of the 3 or 4 songs around your repertoire piece


Listen as you fall asleep


Listen at breakfast, in the car, on the bus, etc.


Take one particular mealtime or a car ride you are on each week to do some special listening


Listen on “shuffle”


Active listening is when you listen and look at your music


Listen-and-play is a practice technique 


Listen to a short section of a song, then play.  You may want to do this 3 times


Listen to live music. Attend a concert


Listen to a cello concerto.  What is a concerto?


Listen to a symphony so you know what a symphony is


Listen to a string quartet so you know what a string quartet is


Listen to one composer a few times in one month:each composer has a special sound


Go to the library and take out some music to listen to that seems interesting


Go on youtube.com and explore cello music


Go to www.newdirectionscello.org to hear many amazing improvising cellists


Listen to music from a particular country, perhaps one of the countries of your ancestry


Listen “like crazy” to your repertoire for one month, and notice the huge difference!


Listen and paint at the same time…what colors or images come to you?


Listen and notice how the music makes you feel


Listen to the Suites for solo cello by Johann Sebastian Bach


More listening ideas?  Write them down! Let me know!